Naturno: annual review of unforgettable moments in the South Tyrolean Alps
December 7, 2023

Naturno, an idyllic place surrounded by the breathtaking South Tyrolean Alpine landscape, casts its spell on me year after year. As a passionate visitor to this picturesque corner of the world, I would like to use the end of the year to look back on special moments and experiences from the past year. Join me on this journey through the highlights of my time in Naturno!

A spring awakening in the orchards

Spring in Naturno is a truly magical time. When the first rays of sun tickle the snow-covered peaks and the orchards slowly come to life, the air is filled with the beguiling scent of blossoming apple trees. My explorations along the Waalwege, which meander picturesquely through the landscape, offered an incomparable view of the awakening of nature. Every step was an ode to the beauty and magic of this region.

Summer adventures in the mountains

I prefer to spend the summer months at high altitudes in Naturno. The opportunities for outdoor activities are almost limitless - be it hiking along the well-marked routes or scaling the peaks that tower majestically over the valley. A very special highlight was the mountain tour over the Sonnenberg, where I was enchanted by the silence of the forest and the sublime view.

Autumnal delights and customs

Harvest time arrives in Naturno in the fall. The golden colors of the vineyards lend the landscape a warm, inviting atmosphere. I had the pleasure of taking part in a traditional grape harvest and experiencing the warm hospitality of the locals. Tasting the local wines and culinary delights was a feast for the senses.

Winter magic and contemplation

When winter covers Naturno in snow, the region is transformed into a winter wonderland. The snow-covered mountains and clear air create an atmosphere of tranquillity and contemplation. I like to spend my days on the slopes of the nearby Schnalstal Valley to enjoy the feeling of freedom while skiing, followed by cozy evenings in front of the open fire in the rustic mountain huts.

A look ahead to upcoming adventures

The past year was full of unforgettable moments and unique experiences that Naturno has to offer. These memories will stay with me for a long time and strengthen my desire to return here again next year to experience new adventures and collect more precious moments.

Let's celebrate the end of the year together by sharing our favorite memories! Whether you have already visited Naturno or are dreaming of getting to know this magical place - your thoughts, stories and impressions are equally welcome. Leave your comments below and let's appreciate the beauty of Naturno together!

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