Sustainable travel 2024: discover the eco-paradise of Naturno
January 14, 2024

Sustainable travel in Naturno, South Tyrol: a paradise for environmentally conscious vacationers

Introduction to an incomparable travel experience:

Welcome to Naturno, the heart of South Tyrol, where sustainable travel is not just a philosophy but a daily reality. This article will guide you through unique experiences in one of Italy's most picturesque regions, known for its stunning landscapes and deep commitment to sustainability. The key to an environmentally conscious stay? The South Tyrol GuestPass - your gateway to an eco-friendly discovery tour.


The South Tyrol GuestPass: your guide to environmentally friendly mobility

Free use of local public transport for environmentally conscious travelers

Strategic advantages of the Südtirol GuestPass:

As part of our commitment to sustainable travel, we offer our guests the exclusive South Tyrol GuestPass. This pass gives you free access to all public transport in the region. Explore the picturesque villages and towns of South Tyrol or immerse yourself in nature without any ecological footprint. This is not only a contribution to environmental protection, but also offers a seamless and stress-free travel experience.


Sustainable accommodation in Naturno: ecological luxury in South Tyrol

Choose eco-friendly accommodation for a conscious stay

Sustainability meets comfort:

Discover a wide range of activities in Naturno Accommodationsthat are committed to sustainability. Our carefully selected partner companies are characterized by the use of renewable energy, effective waste separation and resource efficiency. Enjoy first-class comfort while supporting environmentally friendly practices - a true contribution to protecting our precious environment.


Experience nature: sustainable activities in Naturno

Discover nature in an environmentally friendly way

Unique nature experiences:

Sustainable travel

 Sustainable travel

Naturno is a paradise for nature lovers. With the South Tyrol GuestPass, you can easily reach various hiking trails and nature reserves. Whether on foot or by bike, here you can experience the untouched nature of South Tyrol in a way that is both enriching and sustainable. Our outdoor activities are carefully selected to offer you a unique experience of nature while protecting the environment.

Support the local economy: sustainability through regional products

Strengthen local businesses and enjoy regional specialties

Naturno is not only a place of natural beauty, but also a center of vibrant local culture and economy. By visiting local stores, markets and restaurants that specialize in local products, you are making a significant contribution to strengthening the local community. This promotes sustainability on several levels: You enjoy authentic, fresh produce while supporting the local economy and culture. From freshly baked bread to handmade cheese - experience the true taste of South Tyrol while making a positive contribution.

Green initiatives in Naturno: pioneers in sustainability

Innovative steps for a green future

Naturno, a beacon of sustainability, takes its responsibility for the environment seriously and implements innovative projects that point the way to a greener future. In this section, we highlight some of the most remarkable initiatives that make Naturno a pioneer in terms of sustainability.

Energy and environmental protection: Naturno has set itself the goal of becoming a CO2-neutral municipality. Many accommodations and public facilities use solar energy, geothermal energy and other renewable energy sources. This transition to green energy not only reduces the region's ecological footprint, but also serves as inspiration for visitors who can bring ideas for sustainable living to their home communities.

Sustainable agriculture and culinary delights: Agriculture in Naturno is committed to sustainable practices. Small family businesses and farms focus on organic farming and animal-friendly husbandry practices. These sustainable practices are reflected in the quality and taste of the local produce that you can enjoy in the region's restaurants and markets. From organic fruit and vegetables to local wines and cheese specialties, Naturno offers an authentic culinary experience that combines environmental awareness and enjoyment.

Education and awareness-raising: Naturno also invests in educational programs that promote awareness of environmental protection. From workshops in schools to guided tours highlighting the importance of preserving local flora and fauna, these programs are designed to educate both locals and visitors about the importance of sustainable practices.

These initiatives in Naturno clearly show that sustainable travel is not just a passing trend, but a deeply rooted philosophy that is embedded in all aspects of life in this region. By visiting Naturno, you become part of this green movement and help to ensure that this beautiful region retains its natural beauty and ecological integrity.


Sustainable travel in Naturno - an enrichment for you and the environment

Your contribution counts:

A stay in Naturno is much more than a conventional vacation. It is an opportunity to actively contribute to the protection of the environment and enjoy an unforgettable experience at the same time. The South Tyrol GuestPass opens the doors to an environmentally friendly exploration of the region. This way of traveling allows you to make conscious choices that benefit both the environment and the local community.

Concluding words:

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration for your eco-friendly vacation in Naturno, South Tyrol. Use the South Tyrol GuestPass for a sustainable travel experience, discover the breathtaking nature and support the local economy. Your commitment will make Naturno an even greener and more sustainable destination. We wish you an inspiring and environmentally friendly adventure in Naturno!


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