The Proculus Church: a journey through the history of medieval works of art
April 22, 2023

History: Discover the origins of the Proculus Church

In Naturno, a picturesque village in the idyllic region of Merano in South Tyrol, there are many historical sights to discover. If you are a lover of architecture, art and history, then you should definitely plan a visit to the Proculus Church. From the outside, the church looks unassuming, but inside and in the adjacent museum, a wealth of artwork from the 7th century awaits you. Excavations have proven that the church was built on the foundations of a Roman building, which was later converted into a Christian church. In this blog post, you will learn more about the history and origins of this church, as well as its importance to the region. Take a trip back in time to the Middle Ages and discover the secrets of the Proculus Church.

Architecture: admire its Romanesque painting and exquisite architecture

Proculus Church is a true jewel of Romanesque architecture. The church is known for its well-preserved wall paintings from the 7th century, which are among the oldest of their kind in Europe. The paintings depict biblical scenes and holy figures in bright colors and are an impressive testimony to Romanesque art. The church's architecture is also of high quality: it was built of the characteristic red sandstone of the region and is characterized by its simple elegance. Particularly impressive is the bell tower, which rises majestically into the sky. When visiting Proculus Church, be sure to take the time to view the architecture and artwork up close. It is a special experience to feel the atmosphere of the church and immerse yourself in the bygone era. Whether you are here for cultural reasons or just looking for a special sight, Proculus Church is definitely worth a visit.

Legends: Listen to the legends that surround the church

The church is an impressive historical building that is surrounded by many legends and stories. For example, Proculus, the person who gave the church its name, is said to have been active as a missionary in Naturno in the 4th century AD and is also buried here. Another legend tells that the appearance of St. Proculus is said to have changed over the centuries and he is now depicted with a beard that does not exist in reality. The church itself is a real treasure, delighting numerous visitors with its frescoes and mosaics dating back to the 8th century. When you visit the Proculus Church, be sure to also listen to the legends that surround this fascinating building. Experience the mystical atmosphere and let yourself be transported to another time and world.

Visitation: Learn how best to visit the church

The Proculus Church in Naturno, South Tyrol, is a historical jewel and one of the oldest churches in the Alpine region. To visit the church in a special way, it is best to book a guided tour. This way you can not only learn more about the history of the church, but also discover its architectural features. A guided tour can also help you better understand and interpret the frescoes and murals in the church. If you want to visit the church on your own, be sure to bring an audio guide or a book about the church and its history. Proculus Church is usually open from April to October from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and admission is free. Note, however, that on some days the church may be closed for services or private events. Therefore, plan your visit in advance and check the opening hours and possible closing days. A visit to the Proculus Church in Naturno is an absolute must for any visitor or vacationer in South Tyrol interested in history and architecture.

Surroundings: Discover more sights and activities in the surroundings of Naturno.

The irchlein of Naturno is truly a special jewel of the surroundings. But Naturno has much more to offer. In the immediate vicinity there are numerous other sights and activities to discover. For example, how about a hike along the Waalweg, a visit to the town museum or a tasting of local wines? Trips to the nearby cities of Merano or Bolzano are also highly recommended. If you want to learn more about the area and its attractions, why not visit our website or come directly to our tourist office. We look forward to helping you plan your stay in Naturno!


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